Fun indoor climbing in Melbourne

Driven by our belief that Australians should enjoy a more active lifestyle while having TunzaFun, we bring you the world’s most advanced, colourful and dynamic style of indoor rock climbing in Melbourne – Funtopia! Not only do we have the world’s safest form of climbing activities for kids and adults, but it’s a great and fun way to really challenge one’s fears and give you that sense of accomplishment.

TunzaFun Xtreme features over 30 of Funtopia’s best indoor rock climbing walls, including stairs that have a question every step of the way. Answer the questions correctly to reach the top! Or maybe you want to conquer the skyscraper?

We offer indoor rock climbing that uses a hydraulic auto-belay system so no climbing buddy is needed. We also use One More Life saving mats which provide a shock absorbing surface to minimise injury in the case of falls. Learn more about our indoor climbing safety here.

Climb sessions all start on the hour. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session for a safety briefing.

Price: $18.50 per person for approx 1 hour climb plus 15 minute briefing

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Of course it is! TunzaFun Xtreme brings you Funtopia climbing, the world’s most innovative, advanced and safest climbing. Funtopia climbing features fail safe hydraulic auto-belays which means no climbing buddy is needed.

The auto-belay system is clipped into a harness, which features a double carbine system clip in system.

Before you climb, we will provide you with a personalised safety briefing. You will then be individually checked before entering the climbing arena.

Funtopia is the only climbing system in the world to use One More Life matting, which covers the floor of the entire climbing arena. This matting is designed to absorb falls of up to 12 metres height and to save lives. Our walls are only 9 metres high.

At TunzaFun Xtreme, our highly trained team members will clip you in so you can concentrate on your climbing.

Climbing isn’t just for kids! Adults can climb too!
Families can also climb together. We love seeing families at TunzaFun Xtreme enjoying a day out!

We recommend wearing pants or shorts for our Climb and Discover attractions. Closed toe shoes are a must.

We recommend a minimum age of 6 for Fun Climbing. Our weight limit for climbing is 120kg.